unable to connect hyperv manager to hyperv server rpc error

I an trying to connect hyperv manager running on server 2008 to my hyperv server. This has been working up to yesterday but today I get the error
Cannot connect to the rpc service on computer server-hv1. Make sure your RPC service is running.
I can RDP to the hyperv server and logon fine. It is not in a domain. However the reason I need to connec to it is the domain SBS server is down.
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duncaninnzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I resolved this by joining the Hyperv server to the domain. I was able to log in on any account after that. To fully resolve it I migrated to VMware and got rid of HyperV.
duncaninnzAuthor Commented:
I have just rebooted the hyper v server that was running the Win server sbs 2008 VM that was locked up and I can now connect!!!. I need to know how to resolve this situation so that even if the SBS server VM is down I can still connect to the HYPER V management console?.
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
If you have access to the server by another means, RDC for example, you could restart the Hyper V services only. This will not stop or disconnect the  virtual machines, it restarts the management part only.
duncaninnzAuthor Commented:
Lesson learned. Dont use HyperV
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