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One of our users has called me to say that an alerting system he set up during the week has gone manic and is spewing out thousands of messages to him. He won't be online until later to log on and stop these messages.

I'm worried that these messages will cause the DB he is on to run out of space, and also transaction log growth.#

Is there a way to reject them? I guess we can put in a transport rule, but I need to go through Change Control for that. How about disabling his mailbox, that will prevent the emails increasing the size of the edb file yeah? Will it also slow transaction log growth?

We are running Exchange 2007. But we are moving to Exchange 2010, so I'm curious to know what the solution would be for that, given that from what I've read MS recommend that the DB's use Circular Logging when in a DAG scenario with lagged copy.
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Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging SupportCommented:

Kindly disable the mailbox for time being and run the Anti virus update on the user system.

Still if the user is facing the issue, Kindly move the user mailbox to different stores.

Suspect of Virus on their mailbox. Please scan all the mailboxes with Exchange database aware antivirus software.
Are these message being sent via and SMTP relay on your exchange server?

If you disable his mailboxes the message will not be written to the DB, but the best bet will be to stop the program doing the monitoring. If you can not do that a transport rule will be the next best solution followed by disabling the mailbox.

Seems to me you anserwed your own question...
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