attempting to print with datacard 150i, recieve CPX error Timeout (no response)

have installed and configured datacard150i in xp, after sending job to printer, the cpx dialogue appears saying Timeout (no response) also tried to install as generic printer and get no response when job sent to printer.
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The Datacard 150i only has a serial port. Have you set the serial port parameters on the PC to match the printer? To set them, go to Printers & Faxes; right-click the printer & select Properties. Click the Ports tab and then the Configure Port button. This document suggests:

For DataCard 150i try using Baud=9600, 8 Bits, Parity=No, 1 StopBit.
      (Alternatively, try using 7 Bits and Even Parity or try Baud=19600).
LeroySparksAuthor Commented:
yes i have the settings in the com port matching the setting on the printer, same values, I will try the alternative setup and respond back.
LeroySparksAuthor Commented:
Even the alternate settings report the same cpx timeout (no response) issue
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Is there any way the printer can display or print its settings?

You can also try a DOS copy command to see it that will send data to the printer. First use the MODE COM1: command to set the port parameters, and then use


Type some data and press Ctrl-Z to finish.

Use the command MODE /? to get help with the parameters.
LeroySparksAuthor Commented:
communciation error was result of device requiring null modem cable, standard serial was in use

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Of course, silly of me to miss that :-(

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