Parentheses in Python IF

Ok, heres what Im trying to do. Im trying to use single IF to filter out all acceptable scenarios:
if (email == email2) or (status == 'Complete' and supply>0):

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I only want to allow the function to continue IF emails match. If they don't match, I don't want to continue the function unless status equals 'Complete' and supply is over 0. If emails dont match and either status isnt complete or supply equals 0, I dont want to continue.

So the question is, will the code above do what I need it to?'
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>>> email1=''
>>> email2=''
>>> status='Complete'
>>> supply=1
>>> if((email1 == email2) or (status =='Complete' and supply > 0)):
      print('Do something')

Do something
GVNPublic123Author Commented:
Oh Im so stupid, completely forgot to use Terminal to test it out :P
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