Customizable select box

Dear Experts.

Here is a stub for select-box beautifier.

  add or modify images feature is not yet added. Some work required to imagefy scroll bars and drop down-button.
  works for FF and Webkit,  round corners not always work in IE 9      
  no scroll event handler, cannot use mouse wheel
  not all elements exist
    scroll slider is missed
    buttons are not visibly pushed, when clicked, only hover effect works       
  Opera not always works when control is used in the game:
  Needs better documentation beyond supplied examples.

  no images used - simple
  no css files, all settings are dynamic

Is there something similar, but more decent?
Following list seems not meet requirements:

no scrollbars:
no customized scroll bars:
demo page: did not see it on FF/Chrome on Ubuntu:
      this demo of customized select-box does not show customization in FF:      
no demo:
            if it works, usually it is easy to make a demo, instead of hoping user
            will download a code, risk for viruses, and spend time for installation

Thank you.
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So is this a review of available crap, or just a frustrated plea for help.

I guess "Is there something similar, but more decent?" qualifies as a question, to which the answer is probably no.

In its wisdom W3C decided all the way back in HTML3 that the select was a special kind of control and it has one of the most detail specifications among page elements. I first came to EE over 11 years ago. ad at least once a month over that time someone has an idea on how to do a better select (and most other elements).  I'm still waiting to see perfection.  and I am still waiting to find a replacement good enough; reliable enough; and with some positive benefit that would convince me to use it on a client project.


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You might take a look at this.
BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you COBOLdinosaur. Yes, this is a research, not a plea. Your answer gives an idea that people can live without select box and it should be excluded from future HTML specs.

Thank you Badotz. Is there a demo with scrollbars? I don't see them.
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Your answer gives an idea that people can live without select box and it should be excluded from future HTML specs.

Quite the contrary.  I am saying that the standard should be maintained; and if anything tighten up.  There are more than enough special effects options without giving hackers even more ways to mislead users.  A select and other elements used in forms should look like what they are.

However, there are thousands of web developers who don't understand that web pages are intended for use by visitors who don't care about special effects.  It is their page and the important thing is the design and look, not usability and accessibility.

Just my opinion of course, but study after study indicate higher commercial traffic goes to clean usable pages where users feel comfortable in familiar surroundings; where they are not afraid to use a credit card.

BitlabAuthor Commented:
Thank you experts.

COBOLdinosaur, I appreciate thoroughness of your opinion. Fancy controls are important for games. Perhaps select element is not for games.
"Your answer gives an idea..."

To whom is this directed?
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