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I have two Windows 7 laptops.

Laptop A - has a usb hub with a thumb drive and a maxtor connected, another WD connected via USB to laptop

Laptop B - trying to access external drives from Laptop A

Prior to this weekend, laptop B was able to see laptop A shared drives as mountable Z: etc drives

Both machines have malwarebytes and MSFT Sec Essentials installed.

Both machines belong to same workgroup and have firewalls turned off.

Both machines belong to the same HOMEGROUP and can see each other files on the c: drive

Laptop A is hard wired to the network and Laptop B is wireless.

Any thoughts on why B can no longer see the external drives hanging off A?

External drives on A are set up as shared.

Many thanks!
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Can it still see the local drives of Laptop A?
remove the map drives of B,  go to services ,
and find out computer browser, that has been disabled, start it again , and access the drives back

check this for both pcs, both services should be started,




I was able to resolve:
- do a system restore from a prior date
- update the Lenovo software

Prior to doing the above, I could not self reference via IP address.
I could Ping each machine from the other,

After the system restore, I was able to self reference via IP.

After Lenovo update, the machines could see each others shared drives.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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