What is the SQL syntax to dump a table from a database

I want to dump a table from a MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle  PostgreSQL DB.  I was informed their system is using SQL 5.x.  What is the SQL code?
Vanavah EdwardsAsked:
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drop table TABLENAME
Vanavah EdwardsAuthor Commented:
I know this command already.  I am not looking for DROP tablle but DUMP table syntax
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Vanavah EdwardsAuthor Commented:
That site does not solve the problem only complicate it  It outlined that the DUMP command would be removed from all future version of MS SQL.  If you know the commands just post them with good references
- in Oracle you can use EXP or EXPDP utility from command prompt to dump tables or the whole database into a dump file. however this dump format is only recognize by Oracle.

- should you need to dump a table into a text file, for eg a comma delimeter file, you can use the free Oracle's SQL Developer tool and choose export to CSV options:

- the following link also listed various way of getting a table from various database into a dump/text file format:

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Vanavah EdwardsAuthor Commented:
I need to dump MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL, PostgreSQL in a SQL formatted file with extension .SQL  What is teh dump code for each?
.SQL file usually refers to a file contain DML operation list or DDL of table/database. can you confirm with "their" that you are referring to, is requiring a table definition instead of a table data?  
- if my assumption on DDL above is true, you can use a 30day full feature razorsql to generate the .sql file on various databases:

Here is how to export using ms sql studio.
Vanavah EdwardsAuthor Commented:
The answer did not include a solution to SQLite or mySQL database which was ask.
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