Joomla setup on sbs2008

I'm trying to setup Joomla on a SBS2008 machine. I've setup several other Joomla sites, but they've always been hosted elsewhere. I've tried to set it up using the web platform installer, but I think I'm running into a problem setting up the MySQL database. I've tried setting up another database using the MySQL server instance wizard, but I'm simply not familiar enough to screw around with it.

I'm looking for help walking me through the setup, including setting up MySQL. I've searched around, but I'm quite frankly stuck!

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rashgangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
blazin0021Author Commented:
Unfortunately, a subscription is required to view those tutorials.
Cloud Class® Course: SQL Server Core 2016

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blazin0021Author Commented:
So I've gone through the tutorial and it looks like I have MySQL setup... I'm on the last page where it has me using the command line to set up a test user.

When I enter the first command "CREATE USER ‘phptest’@'localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘phptest’;" I get "'>" instead of "query ok".

Any idea?
blazin0021Author Commented:
The code on the previous site must not have been correct...

I followed the instructions on this site and I'm now up and running.

Thanks anyway.
blazin0021Author Commented:
Only person to reply to my request, so the points are his for the effort!
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