Wireless signal dropping

In my house i have a wireless router downstairs.

Upstairs i have a desktop pc and an xbox360

I also have my phone connected to the wifi that i use all through the house.

Randomly, my pc and xbox will lose wireless connectivity, they cant find the wireless router at all. It is a linksys router with 802.11b/g/n

If i wait 5 minutes they will find the connection again, or if i reset the router sometimes it will get a connection again, sometimes they wont for a few minutes.

I can see no pattern to why it does this, i have tried moving my home phones further away from it, changing the channels etc, i have also tried another router. When they have a signal, all 3 devices show as high strength, and i have also sat next to the router with my phone, and it still cant pick up a signal.

What could be causing this? and is there any way to fix it?
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Try changing your wifi channel,
if its on 11 then thats the most common and the most prone to interference


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CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
I have changed it to 3-4 different channels and it still happens
I've had the same issues with a Belkin once. Power cycling the wifi-router helps for a while. You could try updating the firmware on the router and see if that helps.

If you give us the make/model of the router, we could provide you with some links/info.
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CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
i have tried 3-4 different routers, so i dont think its an issue with the router. This is why it has confused me so badly.
If you have another router available you could try the following

Set both of the routers up (leave your main router plugged in as normal) so that all devices can see both of them

When the dropout occurs see what routers are still visible.

1. If you can still see the second one then the likley culprit is the router
2. If you cant see either of them then there is interference causing the problem

If its interference then you are going to have to do some real digging to get to the source of it
Here are a few things i have come across that can severely dent a wifi signal

Dont forget, anything with a motor that runs around 2,500 rpm can be a source of inteference

1. Motorcycles, usually mopeds
(used to live on a main road and the kritters used to kill it quite frequently)

2. my daughters remington Hair dryer
(she's banned from using it downstairs)

3. Microwaves
(a client had her router on top of the microwave and wondered why her laptop would never work around dinner time)

4. Welding equiptment
(usually the effect is a constantly restarting router, has to be very close tho)

There a loads more
There is a device you can get to detect wifi signals, they're a couple of pounds and detect the frequency not the SSID so if there is something overpowering your router is should detect it

It's a long road im afraid
Download http://www.netstumbler.com/

Run it & see if you can see any other wireless routers within range. You should be able to see the channels they are using & then set your router to the furthest channel away from the closest one. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the only channels that will not interfere with one another. Your issue sounds like another wireless router is putting noise on the same channel as yours.

If this don't fix it, try updating the firmware on your outer. This could also help. Also keep in mind that microwaves, light ballast, & things of this nature can interfere with wireless signal. If you think you may have issues with his, try changing to wireless A. You wiull still get 54MB. Since you are within the same house A should work fine unless you have concrete walls between you & the router. Hope all this helps.
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
I do have an outside wall between my desktop PC, which is double layered brick, and single layer bricks between the router and the xbox, however i still get the same issue sat next to it on my phone.

I will try the wireless A when i get home, but would if be able to reach a distance of 3-4 meters through 2 layers of brick?
It should work. It won't hurt anything to try it. You can also try turning off any security on the SSID to see if this resilves your issues. I've seen encryption issues with WPA2 & TKIP get essed up on many router in the past. Sometimes just turning the security off & apply it then turning it back on & re-entering the passphrase fixes it. Other time a firmware update was needed.
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