any way to do a mail merge with multiple entries for one field in Word 2007

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I have a customer with an Excel sheet that has multiple entries for one customer e.g. a list of customers and then multiple invoices for each one. Is there any way to create a mail merge that will show (for each individual customer) a list of their invoices? i.e. one letter to one customer but which lists multiple invoice details e.g. number, date, amount?
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This is a copy and paste from my reply to a previous question:

Mailmerge doesn't cater for one-to-many or hierarchical recordsets. I would put it high on the list of candidates for Word improvements.

There are a couple of techniques that do not use VBA.

If you have a limited number of subsidiary items, you can arrange your datasource so that each item has its own field.

Forename, Surname, address1, address2, postcode, item1, item2, item3, item4,... itemN.

Another is to use Word Fields IF and MERGESEQ

Here are four approaches that use VBA.

This one uses VBA (in Access, but it could be in Word)  to create an individual document per customer.

This talks about hooking into the  MailMergeAfterRecordMerge event to create a recordset for each customer's orders.

Here VBA is used to split a single-table merge output into individual tables.

This one is a Directory type merge to a Word table. The datasource is a flat file or the result of a one-to-many query. The merge fields are set up in the Word table to receive the 'many' data.

The MailMergeBeforeRecordMerge event is used to look for a change of data in the One table. It then starts a new document Section, saves the data from the one side fields using Word VBA techniques, and carries on until the next change.
agwalshAuthor Commented:
Well, I just have to go back to the customer with this one..appreciate the comprehensive answer..
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