Can I Move Multiple Files from Multiple Folders Out of those Folders All at Once?

I have a lenghty list of items in folders, and probably some subfolders.

I want to get them out of those folders and into one big folder, so I can work with them more easily.

How can I (or can I) select all the files and move them to a new folder without bringing their sub folders with them?
RexQuality LeaderAsked:
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RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
I must be doing something wrong. I keep getting the error shown. error
Kenneth BrownResearch AssociateCommented:
The ideal thing for 'tagging' subsets of files in different folders and then globally copying/moving etc them to another folder is xtrewin. UNF its not free. However there might be free clones out there?
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Kenneth BrownResearch AssociateCommented:
oops xtreewin
Kenneth BrownResearch AssociateCommented:
oops oops ztreewin.

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RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
I'll check it out. Thank you.
I notice that you using long file name, to using long file name, we should using quote to include them, for example: "C:\Rex Test" instead of C:\Rex Test
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
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