ColdFusion Installation Problems on Windows 7

I am attempting to install 64-bit ColdFusion 9 on Windows 7.  Early on in the process (just after the EULA agreement and in the "Configure Installer" step), I get a warning screen that reads "Warning: MDAC components are not 2.6 sp2 or higher".

It provides an address at which I should be able to download the "most recent version of the MDAC components": ,  but the page no longer exists.

Now I can bypass this for the time being and move on to the "Configure ColdFusion" step.  Once here I am expecting to see an option to configure ColdFusion to use will all my sites running under IIS but it is unavailable.  I can only choose to configure a web server connector, or select "Built-in web server"

I was sure to install IIS 7 before attempting my ColdFusion installation so I am not sure why the option is missing.  I had also read that ColdFusion needs IIS 6 compatibility to be installed so I made sure to do that as well.

In the end if I continue to install and let it finish, it tells me the installation completed with errors, and of course I can't even load the administrator page.

What am I missing here?
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MDAC (which is now WDAC) has been rolled into the OS and is not installable or upgradeable. My guess is that you are trying to install CF without Admin rights and there is an issue reading config details.

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and yep - looks like that is probably the issue - same problem on adobe forums
Can you attach the full install log?

Never mind :)  Didn't see Sid's response before.
CubicleGuyAuthor Commented:
Yes, installing without Admin rights was the issue.

I guess I am so used to Windows 7's pop-ups to enter Admin info when it needed it that I didn't even think of this.

It is interesting that nowhere in the CF installation process does it make any mention that you might not want to install without admin rights, especially when the only result is non-operative installation.

Thank you for the help, Sid!
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