parse out three excel fields from one column

i have one column of data in excel that needs to be split.

John Doe 7-12-69
Jane Smith 10-1-85
Alex Man 3-3-91

I need the above to be parses as:
B1 (First Name)            C1 (Last Name)             D1 (Date)
John                              Doe                               7-12-69
Jane                              Smith                             10-1-85
Alex                              Man                                3-3-91

there will be no middle names so the data will appear as above, including the dates (which do not have to be in data format but do have to take into account 6-8 characters to be included

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See attached;

Basically, I have created the below function;

Public Function SplitText(sString As String, sDelimeter As String, nElement As Integer) As String
    SplitText = Split(sString, sDelimeter)(nElement - 1)
End Function
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
Data>Text to columns... Delimited, Space, Finish.

Though the results will end up in A:C not B:D.

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Put these formulas in columns B-D and fill down
B1 = left(a1,find(" ",a1)-1)
C1=left(right(a1,len(a1)-len(b1)-1),find(" ",right(a1,len(a1)-len(b1)-1))-1)

That should properly parse them into 3 columns
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