ReSetting Jombo Box image

On my form I have a combobox cb1 with rendered images and text for user selection.  When the user clicks the cencel button I want to reset this combobox to the default setting image and text.  I have been trying without success.  I used cb1.setSelectedItem("string");  But nothing happens.  I tried call the image renderer I did at the opening but nothing happens.  What should I do?
Vanavah EdwardsAsked:
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If you want to set to selected exeisting item, then you can juse setSeletcedIndex(int) method,

Waht means "I want to reset"?
Does it mean that you want to select one of the existing item in your list - or you want to re-draw all items in the dropdown?
Vanavah EdwardsAuthor Commented:
I tried itt and it is working.  Problem solved.  Thanks very much.  Closing session.
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