FTP FileZilla don't list the folder

Hello in my virtual Web server 2008 R2, the ftp don't work.

I use FileZilla and it has been working , correctly. the user log in correctly bur when the ftp client list the remote directory. became an error...
time out
Failed to retrieve directory list
notr found
It has been working, the web don't work and send and error 404: file or directory not found.

I haven't virtual directory and i 've permission to All to read and write.
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If you enable logging in FileZilla the problem should become clear.

Most likely it is failing to negotiate a data channel to transfer the file list.  

Less likly is that the server directory listing format changed to something FileZilla can't parse.
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
this is the conversation:

Estado:      Resolviendo la dirección de xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dyndns.biz
Estado:      Conected to
Estado:      Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Respuesta:      220 Microsoft FTP Service
Comando:      USER XXXXXXXXX\administrador
Respuesta:      331 Password required for XXXXXXXXX\administrador.
Comando:      PASS *********
Respuesta:      230 User logged in.
Comando:      SYST
Respuesta:      215 Windows_NT
Comando:      FEAT
Respuesta:      211-Extended features supported:
Respuesta:       LANG EN*
Respuesta:       UTF8
Respuesta:       AUTH TLS;TLS-C;SSL;TLS-P;
Respuesta:       PBSZ
Respuesta:       PROT C;P;
Respuesta:       CCC
Respuesta:       HOST
Respuesta:       SIZE
Respuesta:       MDTM
Respuesta:       REST STREAM
Respuesta:      211 END
Comando:      OPTS UTF8 ON
Respuesta:      200 OPTS UTF8 command successful - UTF8 encoding now ON.
Estado:      Conected
Estado:      Retrieving directory listing...
Comando:      CWD c:\xxxxxxxxx.es
Respuesta:      550
Comando:      PWD
Respuesta:      257 "/" is current directory.
Comando:      TYPE I
Respuesta:      200 Type set to I.
Comando:      PORT 192,168,1,191,193,236
Respuesta:      200 PORT command successful.
Comando:      LIST
Respuesta:      150 Opening BINARY mode data connection.
Error:      Connection timed-out
Error:      Failed to retrieve directory listing
The client is sending a private address on the PORT command used to open the active mode data channel.  This can onloy work if your firewall snoops the FTP control channel and dynamically replaces with a public IP address then does address translation on the server's reply.

Try using passive mode data channels instead.

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