Excel 2010 VBA - Form Controls vs. ACTIVEX Controls

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As you can see from the illustration, there are form controls and ActiveX controls.  Some are identical.  
Command Button
Check Box
Combo Box
List Box
Option Button
Spin Button

Why would a person use an ACTIVEX control versus regular form control (let's say a list box)?

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There are other experts on here who know a LOT more about the differences than I do, but I use ActiveX controls when I don't want to hassle with creating a form to house the control.  For instance, I often place ActiveX drop down boxes inside a cell to allow the user to select which data to view.  I could do the same thing with a form but it would take a little more time and trouble.
You get a lot more code options with ActiveX controls. Have a look and see - there are many more events whereas Form controls have only the change event (I think).
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As mentioned above, the Active X controls provide much deeper control over actions and behaviors. However, they're not always the most stable. A couple of times, I've had to shift from Active X to Forms, as the controls were behaving erratically (changing formats on their own etc)

I would recommend only using the forms controls.  The activeX versions do have some more options but can be less stable.

Here is a site that explains it very well.

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