Setting up new Citrix Receiver on 64bit windows 7

I have Xenapp 4.0 and all but a few of the workstation have windows xp with Citrix program neighborhood.  They are all working great but I have a new Windows 7 workstation 64bit I need to setup for access to the server. The issue is I have no idea how to configure it becuase it is nothing like Citrix Program Neighborhood.   Can someone guide me in the steps.  Thanks.
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
There are two types of Citrix receiver:

1. Citrix receiver

2. Citrix receiver enterprise

To install the one like the program neighborhood you need to install the enterprise edition ( you will be able to download it through your mycitrix)

The following has the guideline to install it:
CoralonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to set up a Web Interface site on a web server for the new receiver.  That will give you access to either a website to use with the receiver, or a PNAgent site for the receiver to connect to in the system tray.  

You'll need an IIS box (6 or 7) preferably *not* on the XA server (too much overhead for most environments).  You install the WebInterface package (has several prerequisites - like Visual J# 2.0 and some other redistributables) on the web server and it configures the executables, scripts etc.  Then follow the wizard to configure a web site or PNAgent site (can do both).  

If you are going to allow any kind of access from the internet, you will want to have some sort of protected access (VPN, Access Gateway, Citrix Secure Gateway).  

Citrix Receiver - installs as a "per-user" installation into the user's profile.  (does not require admin privileges)
Citrix Receiver Enterprise - installs as a "per-machine" executable into HKLM and is available to all users of that machine. (Requires admin privileges)

shard26Author Commented:
Thank you both for your help
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