RDP thru RWW on Small Business Server 2008 from Windows 7.5 Phone

Just got me a HTC Trophy phone thru Verizon with Windows Phone 7.5 installed (Mango).
I am trying to connect to computers from my phone by using the Remote Web Workplace. I can authenticate OK and see the RWW page ok. If I click on the 'Connect to a computer' link I get a new page with just the Windows Small Business Server 2008 page with nothing on it. No list of computers. Same thing if I click on the 'Connect to server' link.
I have installed Topperware's Remote Desktop app on the phone and it works going directly to a machine when I am connected thru my WAP. Their Tech Support doesn't know what RWW is so they are no help.

I see that some vendors did not include the Windows RDP app in the OS for WM6. Is that also going on with Windows phone 7?

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
RWW/RWA requires IE with ActiveX support. The mobile version of IE on windows phone does not support ActiveX dll's as they are clearly not present in the underlying OS. Therefore RWW will not work.

From my experience RWW doesn't allow remote connection to PC's or Server without IE. :(

Perhaps you can use an alternative like Mocha RD which works well via sockets.
Steve2bnmAuthor Commented:
The phone is useing Internet Explorer.

I will take a look at Mocha RD, thanks.
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