Clarifications needed for Re-directed Folders in Win 2011 SBS Std

I am new to Win 2011 SBS Std, having just finished a clean installation.
I can only relate it to my experience with Win 2003 SBS Std.

Adding a user account automatically creates a sub-folder under each of the 2 folder shares;
RedirectedFolders (C:\Users\FolderRedirections)
UserShares (C:\Users\Shares)

Assuming that Folder Re-direction has been enabled for the user, am I correct in further assuiming that RedirectedFolders will be where the user's My Documents will be re-directed?
And UserShares will be where the user's profile will be stored? (Users Shared Folders under Win 2003 SBS)
If that is the case, why is it that under each of the above 2 shares, for folder selection, both Desktop and Documents may be selected for re-direction?

If my question seems lame, Microsoft will have to share blame on traditionally confusing nomenclature.

Experts, your clarification will make things a lot easier for me. Thanks
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The redirected folders button on the console is universal. It does the same thing no matter which share you have set. The user shares are just constantly available when users go to\\server\users\username they will have a space to put files. You would have to assign that folder as a drive map with a gpo or by going to active directory users and computers then assign a home folder on their profile tab. There isn't a way to do that from the console. If rediected folders is checked in the console, it is working already, so you are good there.
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
FolderRedirections is where the Desktop and My Documents will be forwarded to. I'm a little curious about where you're seeing the folder selection options. Folder redirections will only ever point to the set RedirectedFolders share. User Shares is basically a home folder for users. It isn't set on the user accounts by default, but can be set if you choose to.
garychuAuthor Commented:
Thanks, acbrown2010.
From your explanation I can see that FolderRedirections is similar to Users Shared Folders under Win2003 SBS. I can relate to that.
And to enable it, I go to User or Role Properties > Folders and enable Redirect folder to the server?

How then is User Shares enabled?

I must have got confused when from Console > Shared Folders and Web Sites > UserShares > Redirect folders for user accounts to the server (under Shared Folder Tasks) > Folder Names.
Here, I see by default, both the Desktop and Documents are checked.
And then exactly the same thing, if I had selected RedirectedFolders instead of UserShares!
Is it what I think it means?
garychuAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help, acbrown2010.
Your explanation is clear and to the point.
The light has broken through for me.
Very much appreciated.
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