exchange contact database

there is a way to link to exchange a sql database for contact (mysql, sql server,hyperfile sql,...)
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
there is several ways to do this :

1-Exchange 2010 Web Services. Use your favourite SOAP/XML toolkit (like WCF) to manipulate exchange objects, including Contacts. See Working with Contacts for code samples.
2-Exchange 2003/2007 Collaboration Data Objects (COM), see an example on Creating a Contact in the Exchange Store or this for 2007
3-WebDAV (HTTP requests) for Exchange 2003/2007 see Creating a Contact in the Exchange Store (WebDAV) or this for 2007
In addition there are client technologies around the Office object model and Outlook, but those would add contacts to individual Outlook address books, not to the central exchange store (ie. not available to the entire org).

also see here :
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