Displaying description of parameter in report heading

After selecting a parameter for a time period I am reporting on, I want to display the parameter in the report heading.  When I select 'Period 13 2011', which is the description of the data item as shown in the Edit Parameter dialog box, the report displays [FISCPERIOD].[DT2011013], which is the full name of the data item.  I want it to display 'Period 13 2011'.  Is there any way this can be done?

Thank you.
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LinInDenverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i.e. Right({?ParameterName}, 4) to return the left 4 characters of your parameter data item... MID would probably work best, where you can then piece it together with concatenation.

This might get you close.
'Period :' & Mid(Right({?ParameterName}, 3),1,2) & ' ' &  Mid(Right({?ParameterName}, 8),1,4)
Unfortunately there is not a way to display Parameter "Descriptions", but you might be able to come up with a way to "trick" it into printing what you want.

If your format of the data item is always the same, maybe you can do something with RIGHT, LEFT, MID to print it out the way you want.

dwabbottAuthor Commented:
That is amazing. It worked beautifully!   Thank you for your quick and precise solution!
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