Enterprise wide removal of pop3 accounts in outlook

Does anyone have a method to remove, or disable, Pop3 accounts in Outlook across an entire domain?
Network has been created from a lot of independent workstations which had POP accounts to collect mail from Online provider. Company now has Exchange server and all Outlook clients are connected to it.
We are looking at changing mail over for delivery to Exchange server and turning off the online accounts. This will obviously result in everyone receiving messages that the POP account couldn't connect to collect/deliver mail......
 Is there a way to use GPO or something else to have all POP accounts removed from all the Outlooks in the domain OR to dis able all of the POP accounts in the Outlooks?
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hansoninfosysAuthor Commented:
A co-worker took over this issue, but hasn't explained the answer to me.  I apologize for no points awarded.
the best approach is to use Profile Files (PRF) script based so when a user logs in the PRF file will be created and filled up with the necessary users information and you can set to clear all other Outlook Profiles for that user
Why don't you just block pop3 access at the firewall?
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hansoninfosysAuthor Commented:
Main Problem with blocking the access at the firewall is that the users will all receive error messages that their POP connections are failing..... We'd rather just remove or disable the POP accounts to avoid this.

prf approach seems to require entering every individual's POP account name and we don't have that info from the previous company who administered the system.

Ideally, we'd like to:-
move the MX to point at the server;
Get rid of or disable any POP account on any Outlook
Delete the POP mail boxes outside mail server

No pop up messages and no panic among the populous

Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network ConsultantCommented:
hansoninfosysAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately this only affects the POP settings on the exchange end of the set up.

What I am trying to find is method to remove the pop account from the Outlook client.

eg the Outlook client has one Exchange mail account connecting to the Internal Mail server and one POP account to an outside mail server like Godaddy.

What we need to do is remove all of the POP connections to Godaddy from the individual Outlook Clients.
have you had a look at PRF Files jet. You can update an outlook Profile

hansoninfosysAuthor Commented:
Reason is in my last post.
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