imac and admin password

i have a new imac and created user id with admin previldge.

when i try to install a software and it keep asking for admin user id and passowrd. this case i have to giv ethe original user id and password which i did use.
is there anyway i can make it permenat or make the admin user id to install the software?
i am not mac tech in PC we put user account to local admin.

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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
OSX is built on a UNIX platform and therefore has very strict user controls and permissions on folders and files.

The currently logged in user has full read/write permissions on their HOME folder and all subfolders however it will depend on their permissions what other files on the rest of the system they can edit.

In the System Preferences: Users & Groups panel you can give the current User the rights of an Administrator will allow them to install software etc.

As a security feature (which cannot be easily disabled) it is NORMAL for OSX to prompt for security credentials when ANY application or installer tries to put files into certain System folders.
For example .. each user HOME folder contains a 'Library' subfolder.  Many applications will install settings and preference files into this folder and NO AUTHENTICATION will be required.
However other applications will try to install the settings into the Library folder located at the root of the System.  This may be for several reasons (e.g. so that the application will work for all users or so that the application can access certain system files).  In this case, if the application wants to install to the root Library folder then it will ALWAYS ask for an administrative user to authenticate.

If you have given the logged in user full Administrative rights then they should be able to enter their username and password to complete software installations.  By default it will put the root username in the username box but you should be able to replace with the currently logged in username and then put in their password.

The reference by Sapphire above is somewhat related ... when you enter login details for websites, network shares etc. these can be stored in a Keychain file.  In Keychain Access: Preferences you can set the option to keep the keychain UNLOCKED.  This will stop keychain constantly prompting you to authenticate when attempting to access some stored passwords but it will not resolve the authentication issue when installing software.
Try changing the Preferences in the Keychain Access menu.

Choose UTILITIES from teh GO Menu, listed in the FINDER and open the KEYCHAIN ACCESS area

This may be the place to change the KEYCHAIN ACCESS default user

let me know

There is no way to permanently authenticate for software installs - you will have to enter your administrative credentials each time.

However, that is not the case when logging in to the GUI as the "root" user, which is generally not recommended.  The UNIX "root" user is akin the to WindowsXP Administrator user, insofar as it never needs to authenticate to perform local operations.  It is terribly unsafe to run your system as root, but it can be done.

Depending on the version of OS X you are running, there are various ways of enabling the root user.  Let us know what version of OS X you have and we will give you the steps.
pdsmicroAuthor Commented:
thank you for your help. good explanations.
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