Weird VNC Problem; Included Screencast

Running real VNC and having a stupid problem that I cannot figure out. If I open VNC and point it to the correct IP it opens up the server perfectly everytime. No matter how I save it though I get an error message saying that the requested name is valid but no data of the requested type was found. I have 10 other saved VNC shortcuts to other computers on the network that all work fine. What is the difference between launching it from the main program shortcut and typing in the IP address and saving it and trying to launch it?
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rushtoshankarSr Manager Software DevelopmentCommented:
To save as vnc short cut, do the following.

Launch the VNC viewer. Type the IP address and connect to remote machine. Then on the caption bar, right click and select options. Now click save as to save the file.

Or with the erroneous short cut, edit and update the Host line with the IP address of the remote machine.

Either of this will do the trick
JTechComputerAuthor Commented:
The first way worked. It is still weird though, I have never had trouble saving from the main program shortcut.
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