Recovery from Total Security VIrus

  It is a mean one. It cleans up but ... two things I have found to be show stoppers. 1) The Start Ment=>Programs have no icons in the group. They are physically gone from the hard drive and 2) While looking to a way to reset the Start Menu to defaults I noticed that a lot of Group Policy objects are missing.

   Has anyone found a way to totally recover from this malware?
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yes.. this is easy... once you remove the program, it "hides" all of your Icons... they aren't gone.. just hidden..

So, I open a Command Prompt, and type this;

c:\Users\myName> CD\ and press ENTER
c:\> attrib -h -r *.* /c /e /f /s /h /r

This tells your computer to change all ATTRIBS of ALL FILES on your comptuer to -H idden and -R ead only.

This can sometimes take upto an hour to finish.. so be patient.

It works for me everytime.. I fix someone's computer with this "fake anti-virus"

jimbecherAuthor Commented:
  Not so easy :) That is one of the first things I did. The parameters you specified do not work on XP but I did a attrib -h -r *.* /s /d first thing in the removal process and there are still no icons in the program folders. The all show up a (empty). I also went in to Control Panel and changed to folder view to show system and OS files. Still no joy.

   Any other ideas?
Before you do this. Follow the directions here for your operating system(XP)? If that does not work there are links at the bottom of Unhide me link that restore the default links.

Use Unhide Unhide.exe - A introduction as to what this program does If unhide me fails there are links at the bottom that manually restore the default links.

Here are a few other ways.
XP:Restore start menu to default
Vista:Restore start menu to default
W7:Restore start menu to default
I forgot to add at the beginning. If you see your icons and links after the first part. Then you just need to remove the Hidden/System attributes, but it sounds like you already did that. Anyways this should work for you.
Glad I could help

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