A service account - should it be a member of domain admins or not?

Hi guys hope you are all well and can assist.

We are currently going through the process of reevaluating our Active Directory Security model.

What Id like some help with from you kind people is the following:

When you guys implement a new technology, and someone requests that a service account be created, what do you guys suggest in determining whether it should be:

1) a member of the domain admins group, or
2) just a member of the local admins group on each and every server?

Do you guys automatically add this service account to be a member of domain admins?
If not, how do you add this new account to be a member of every local admins group on every server?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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it depends on requirement of application. If application can manage without any domain admin rights then there is only local admin rights provided.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
As with any account it should be given only the minimum rights that it requires. If its a commercial application this is usually documented and/or the technical support provider should be able to tell you. Its a lazy approach to give it domain admin or local admin if it does not require those rights

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I second KCTS but would like to add creating a second admin account just for services is also a good practice.
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Like KCTS says you should give the account minimum rights. I would create the service account as a domain member and add it to a security group called something like "service_accounts".

You can then use Restricted Groups to make the newly created group a member of the local admin group on the servers you need.

More about Resticted Groups: http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles/using-restricted-groups.html
No, no, and hell no.  I have yet to encounter an application that REQUIRES perpetual Domain Admin rights.  

Our process asks the application owner what *specifically* does the application need to do around Active Directory.  We then work with that owner to determine the appropriate level of rights for a service account.  More often than not, the service account can be either a Domain User, but sometimes it needs a bit more and we place it into the Backup Operators or Server Operators group.
Simon336697Author Commented:
I agree with you Dave and all of you guys.
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