Exchange Server 2007 - Setup more than 1 domain for email

We are currently running Exchange Server 2007 behind a firewall through which all traffic on our domain passes.  The most common connection to our server is with Outlook 2007 while an end user is on the domain.  We do have a few users who use Outlook 2007 while away from the network.  They use an https:// connection to do so.

We are about to add another company to our email server:  I've create an Accepted (Authoritative) domain since its name is different from our original domain.

All of that seems to be okay.  

The end users for this new domain are out of our own state, so their connectivity must be done via the internet.  The new domain is hosted by and a new "A" record is now pointing to the Public IP address of our firewall.  I'm assuming the new firewall will pass the traffic correctly to the Exchange Server, since it's doing this now with our original domain.

My question is this:  When I'm setting up Outlook 2007 on the end users' pc's, and get prompted for the name of the Exchange Server, what do I use?  These new users will not be able to put in the NetBios name of our server because it's behind the firewall and has a private IP address.

Please advise.
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The new users will need to use "Outlook Anywhere". You still use the internal domain name as the server name, but you setup an Exchange proxy. See

You also need an SSL certificate for the domain and make sure your server passes all test at

Good luck!

baleman2Author Commented:
Since posting this question, I've spent hours and hours attemtpting to make this work.  The steps to allow Outlook Anywhere to work have been followed meticulously.  However, I continue to receive (on the Client PC while setting up Outlook 2007) the message that "The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."

Have you looked at

If you get a clean bill there, you are good to goo. OL Anywhere can be a PITA to setup, but once all works it is just great. It is what is used for Office 365, so it is used widespread...
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