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I am looking for recommendations on a good, reliable, reasonably cost wireless AP for a business. Prefer recommendations of products in which you have had experience with. The main feature needed is the ability to provide guest access to internet only and separate from the business LAN. PoE support and Dual Band a big plus. Looking for a product with wireless AP function only and not a network router with wireless function. Thanks.
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it realy depends on how big you want to make this but here is something I have done in the past to save $$$. Go to store & buy two simple access points (dlink, netgear, linksys, etc.). Put one on Channel 6 & the other on Channel 11 with with different SSIDs . One can be for guest & the other can be for business or etc.  This setup works the same as paying thousands of dollars for an AP with all the fancy features & it is just as secure.
No experience with dual band products.
DLink DWL-3200AP working at 3 sites for years.  So, you might see what DLink has that's similar and dual band.  But, why dual band?

How you decide to separate guests from the company network is another matter.  Clearly you'd use separate channels and SSIDs.  But connecting to the internet is the real issue.  It's a router function one way or another.

You might take a look at the attached.
So, on the first page you can connect an AP to the LAN of router 1 if that's what you want to do.

Or, you can connect it to the LAN of the Modem/Router and not even have Router 1.

But you're still going to want NAT between the company network and the public wireless network.  And that's a router/firewall.
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I just installed a couple of these:


I used them as access points, which disables their guest network capability, but if you use them as routers, they have built-in guest access, which isolates the user from the LAN and just puts them straight through to the Internet.  These are inexpensive, but work well and they are dual radio (b/g on 2.4 ghz and n on 5 ghz).
Well, after much research and consideration, I've decided to go with a single Cisco Aironet AP and use VLAN's to segment the guest and internal WiFi connections. I currently have a Cisco ASA 5505 Security Plus that has two PoE ports. This will avoid having to use an A/C adapter for power and allow more flexible placement of the AP. This solution will cost more than originally planned, but I feel will work the best for my needs.


Solution found elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestions.

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