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Something seems to have happened to my Lotus Notes 8 application GUI.  Somehow the "Inbox" icon on the left side of the main screen disappeared.  I added it back as a bookmark.  But now when I click on the bookmark it frequently adds a new Mail tab.  The tab to the far left is the "real" Mail tab, and I can click on it if I want to.  But I got used to having the icon in the far left of the screen, on top of the calendar and address book.  The way it is working now, with the Mail bookmark icon on the far left top, I end up after a short while with several Mail tabs strung out over to the right.  

I would like to know if I can restore the icon that would go directly to the "real" Mail tab, or if I was generating all those extra Mail tabs all along and did not notice (which I doubt).

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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You could reset the local database which holds all bookmarks.
For this, you need to backup and delete the bookmark.nsf database located directly under the Data directory.
When you start the Notes client next time, a new bookmark.nsf will be created from the bookmark.ntf template.
All previously bookmarked databases, including icons you might have on different workspaces and all icons on the left navigation will be lost, but you will get back the original Mail link.

If you would like to add back the old bookmarks, you could install the Designer client and open bookmark.nsf to view (All Bookmarks), then preview it in the Notes client, and copy paste the documents you need.
  Hi there codequest,,,

I agree with @cohalex about deleting the bookmark.nsf which solves  most of similar problems .

But I also would like to recommend the old days ways :
- Click Ctrl+O open your mailbox ==> right click the tab of your mailbox ===> create bookmark ===> you will find it under the " OPEN " button .
- uninstall lotus notes then re-install it .
-upgrade Lotus Notes client to LN8.5.2 or LN8.5.3 which are more stable in these cases .

Best Wishes


Thanks for input.  Sounds like I need to talk to desktop support.   At least I know what I'm in for!

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