single exchange mailbox cannot not recieve mail all of a sudden

Hi All,

At one of our other sites we have come into a strange problem. Basically one of our users cannot receive any email (internal or external). He can send email fine and everyone else on the some network can send and receive fine but all of a sudden he cant. Up until yesterday afternoon he could do everything fine and no all of a sudden no received mail.

Please Help!
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Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Is your client running Outlook?
       Control Panel ->Mail->Delete existing profile
        Run Outlook to recreate profile.

What version of SBS?
       Start Outlook, File->Export to PST
       Run Active Directory Users & Computers-> Right-click on user->Remove Mailbox-Exit
       Run Active Directory Users & Computers-> Right-click on user->Add Mailbox-Exit
       Start Outlook, File->Import from PST
     2008 or above mailbox management is done through Exchange Management Console.
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Recreate his Outlook profile.  If that doesn't work, export his mail, delete and recreate his mailbox in Exchange and import his mail.

ezekuelAuthor Commented:
That seems pretty drastic. I don't undersatnd whats going on. It's like his pop3 connector has stopped working. The emails are just sitting there on the external mail server waiting to be picked up?
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Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
Since it is only one user, recreating an outlook profile takes about a minute.  If you have to use the Exchange method, it is dependent on mailbox size, but it usually takes about 10 minutes for a 20Gb mailbox.  Since it is 1 user, it has to be one of the two, probably the first.
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
Fair enough and sorry for questioning you. Would you be able to tell me how to do both things you said as I never have before. Thank you
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. As usual your information is correct and easy to understand.
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