Security Cam DVR wireless interfers with D-Link wireless router

I have a Lorex Edge LH300 series DVR and I believe that the wireless function on the DVR is interfering with the connection speed of the wireless components that connect to the D-Link (DIR615).  First is there a way to confirm this theory?  And secondly, if the theory is correct, how can I fix it.

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You are correct.  Wireless network is a shared infrastructure, so if one device is using up all the bandwidth, the other devices are affected by it.  The only way you're going to be able to prove this theory is to have a wireless network adapter that works in promiscuous mode, and doing a network capture on the network to see just how busy it is.

The best way to fix this would be to give the wireless device its own SSID and channel on a different wireless access point.  The channel should be far away from your other channel so that they do not overlap and interfere with each other.

A good, free program called INSSIDER ( can give you a lot of information about what's visible from your wireless adapter, including other ranges being used, so you can pick the best range(s) available.

I would personally put high-bandwidth devices like SAN's or audio/video on physical cabling wherever possible - that way it does not take up precious airwave bandwidth.
GordyjbAuthor Commented:
I decided, after trying to use inssider that the most simplest thing to do would be to return the wireless cameras and have then replaced with wired cameras.
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