Python to Java conversion: PyNSource or something else?

Anybody knows a good way to convert Python code to Java?

A quick Google search will reveal the following free program:

OK. I downloaded the following:      PyNsource-1.51.win32-py26.exe  from

This is a GUI program that will just make a UML diagram of the Python program.

How do  I get to Java code from here? - I don't understand.

I am really confused about the following help on this, because
it is just seems to be running the program in Python, with no conversion to Java:

Also attached a Python source code example, I would like to try to convert.

Thanks for your help.

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for_yanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Perpas you amy want to look at this trail:

Its solurtion

and soem other suggestions there.
Also there are a lot of Sudoku code in java - just google it

Sudoku code java

will find lots of examples  maybe you'd not need to convert from Python
AttilaBAuthor Commented:
It just happens to be some sudoku code, but I would like to find a more generic solution
for my daughter for other Python projects.  It is not just about Sudoku.

Actually Jython that you pointed me to  may work for me, even if it cannot generate Java source any more because I got a decompiler for Java class files. I will be able to check it out probably tomorrow, if no better solution is found.
I would call python code from java program instead of generating java source equivalent to python source, this ppt may help you decide,

Note: if the python code access some native C/C++ libs, Jepp is what suggested as the bridge
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