email database schema; I saw this; Do you know anything any comments? or other sites? thanks

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For a simplistic design, it's fairly sound. The main faults I see are failure to declare unique constraints. Despite the one identified in the text, others are needed to prevent circumstances such as two subfolders with exactly the same name.  

IMHO, another shortcoming is modeling FriendlyName as an attribute of Address.  I mean if there are 5 Bob's, are they the same or different people?  If you want to find a certain Bob's email address, which one do you pick.  No, I think you need another table for Person, with a 1-man relationship between Person and Address.

Not sure I understand Attachment.  It seems to hold both a filepath to an external file and a Blob that presumably holds the binary.

MessageAddress is lacking a primary key, which I find quite interesting.  I wonder, for example, if the requirements support the same address multiple times for one email. For example, From and To addresses the same.  For that matter, I also wonder why there is both a From address in the MessageAddress table and a SenderID in the Message table.

If I was grading the design for a class project, it gets a B+.  If I was evaluating the design for a email delivery system, it gets thrown out for failure to meet minimum requirements.

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goodkAuthor Commented:
thanks, are there any comprehensive design schema available
goodkAuthor Commented:
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goodkAuthor Commented:
I still have several question?  

1- Do you store the mail body in a database? or a file?
2- Do you store the pictures and the attachments in a database or just a file in a folder?
3- Any one with a working email schema? Or share their experience?
for first of your question ans take a look at it,

for second question one we use attachments method it is easy and convenient.

for third one check this tutorials,

hope it has helps you. :-)
goodkAuthor Commented:
none of the above links were helpful!!
goodkAuthor Commented:
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