Printer added in Control panel doesn’t come up under Print Management

Dear Experts,

We use Windows 2003 server as print server.  Under Windows 2003 Server, Printer added from (Control Panel->Printers) doesn’t appear automatically in MMC (Print Management). But under windows 2008 server, it will appear automatically.  I have a PaperCut software that monitor our printers, it detect printers in (Control Panel->Printers) only.  Currently we deploy our printer drives and policy in Print Management.  How can I make printers added in Control panel to appear in Print Management in windows 2003 server?

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uknet80Author Commented:
I have a different problem, those two links you sent was printer disappear under Print Management, in my case printer created under (Control Panel->Print and Fax) does not come up in Print Management  and vise avers.
uknet80Author Commented:
I figured out the printer added to Domain controller rather than local machine, although printer driver was added under same server but it was under Domain name that is why printer wasn’t showing under Control panel->Printer
I am worried if I add printers to local server may cause printing problem for domain users?
uknet80Author Commented:
thanks for your help, I managed to fix it.
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