iPhone 4S cannot email photos

We are having a problem emailing photos on our company iPhone 4s devices. All devices have been setup to use Exchange (on Exchange 2003). All phones were setup using the iPhone Configuration utility so all the email, certificate, domain settings were in place except the username and password. Email, texts, Internet all work fine.

Our problem is this. If you take a picture then go to Share, Email Photo, it takes you to the Add Account screen like there is no primary account setup to send it through. We have tried, when it takes us to this screen, to add an Exchange account again, but when we get all the way through the steps, it says an Exchange account is already setup.

What are we missing?
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Check this thread...page 2 and 3 is where they get into some fixes, but before checking IIS make sure size limits are all ok on the outbound attachments.


FCB_ITAuthor Commented:
We dont have any problems receiving attachments or forwarding attachments. The problem is if you want to send a picture taken from the iPhone and after you select Email Photo, it takes you to the Add Account screen like there is no primary account setup at all. It is like some potion of the phone is unaware of the existance of the primary Exchange account set up.
FCB_ITAuthor Commented:
Is there any more information I can provide that would assist in finding a solution?
A good test would be to take a raw phone, previous to being setup with your configuration profile.  With this raw phone, add the exchange account as normal with the built in settings app, then attempt to email a photo.  If you can email the photo there, we know that your exchange server is set up well and the problem is with your configuration profile.  If not, the exchange server is at fault, but I doubt that is the case.

If we find that the configuration utility is at fault, we'll have to check our settings there - I've looked through all of the settings in the configuration profiles section and there isn't one for "default email account", which is really the data bit we need to set.  If you take a phone that has been set up with the configuration utility, then head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Default Account, is there an account listed?  If not, can you select the exchange account added by the configuration utility?

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FCB_ITAuthor Commented:
The problem was with the Exchange Activesync portion we had filled out when installting our Default Profile using the iPhone Confirguration Utility. We removed the Exchange Activesync portion and reinstalled the profile, which then required us to add an Exchange account manually (this is the part we had filled out, domain, server, email etc in the Config Util). After plugging in all the details, we can now email photos.

Thank you very much for your help,
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