Wireless AP

i need some recommendations on some wireless equipment.

This will primarily be a mobile /portable unit that will be stup on industrial equipment in plants that have no internet access.

I am looking for a AP that can be run in AP mode, Bridge Mode to give net access to devices that do not have wireless cards.

Repeater mode, WDS,Mesh, etc.

 I would like N technology but I need to be able to install external antennas so I need the antennas that have the connectors so they can be changed out.

Can anyone recommend something. Price is not a issue but performance is.
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Any AP that has two radio can be used as bridge/repeater.

if you are concerned with price, you can always use Open source code dd-wrt on any home based AP which can act as bridge/repeater.

I personally use DD-WRT in my home. My TV has regular Rj-45 port and is not close my DSL connection, so I used one of my old AP, installed DD-wrt code and now it acts as bridge (client) to my primary AP, is been working for past two years.
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