SBS 2003 Exchange mailbox does not receive emails

Our email is set up using the POP3 connector for exchange on our SBS 2003. One of our mailboxes stopped receiving emails a few days ago, although we did not make any changes to the setup.

We verified the POP3 account username password and there is no limit on storage. We can't figure out what the problem is.

Any help troubleshooting will be appreciated.
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So you actually telneted to your pop server on 110 or whatever port it is running and logged in as the user without any problems?
egourmetAuthor Commented:
Yes. I actually setup a direct POP3 connection from outlook and emails downloaded fine.
If you're using POP Connector it means you getting your emails from another, external to your organization server and then your Exchange grabs them and delivers to mailboxes as specified in your connector. This would only indicate that there must be some misconfiguration, possibly a typo for that particular mailbox that doesn't work. You can max up the logging for your pop connector and then check the application log to see if you can identify what's the problem. Easiest thing though, delete that mailbox from your connector and set it up again to start with.
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egourmetAuthor Commented:
It was a mail containing a NULL character in the user POP3  mailbox that was blocking the download.

See for details.

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egourmetAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Other answers were vague and not answering our issue. We had to continue researching and finally found the solution on our own.
Error was found in the Application log as suggested. Not very fair to say not helpful...
egourmetAuthor Commented:
found solution ourselves.
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