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Hi, i have a inconvenient.
   I have a software that use the Microsoft Network (the Netbios list of devices) for do some things. We change the network infrastructure. We put a switch core with some routes between the 3 differents networks in our company.
   The problem is that the PCs only see the devices in his own network, and we need see every devices in all company networks. is it possible?, I prove change the mask or add one IP of each network, but it dosn't work.

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Routers by default do not pass broadcast traffic.

 You need to enable your router to pass Netbios traffic.

What brand routers did you put in?


it dosn't router, it's a layer 3 switch. The model is 3com 4800G. the VLAN 1 interface have 3 IPs one for each lan in my company. The routing is automatic.
So do you have 3 Vlans setup? Or 1 Vlan with 3 subnets?

More information you provide the more help you will receive.

ie, Ip address subnets etc etc
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Are you bale to ping workstations on a different segment by their Netbios names ? or IP?

Is it filesharing they are not able access?


i have 1 VLAN with 3 networks MASK MASK MASK

i can ping and i can do anything because my gateway is the switch core. In fact, my servers are in, the printers and others devices are in and all the PCs are in and all of them see each other.


do you have some idea??
Yes,   You have the incorrect Subnet masks

Change your Subnet Masks to and they will be able to broadcast to each other

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