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I am developing a calclator that will estimate the time and date of arrival, based on three factors:
- Trip Mileage
- Average Miles Per Hour
- Number Of Drivers

I need to give quick resonses to arrival questions and it is easy to make mistakes.

Note: A single driver can only drive 11 hours and then must be Off Duty for 10 hours. Two drivers can theoretically drive continuously, with no Off Duty time.

I can calculate the Total Transit Time, but now I need to add it to the departure time and date, to return the Day-Of-The-Week, Time, and Date of arrival.

See attached calculator.

Any assistance or insight that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.


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barry houdiniCommented:
This formula in B14 will give arrival time and date


You can then format B14 to show, day date and time, see attached

regards, barry
TosaguaAuthor Commented:

Beautiful, elegant, excellant.

You have made my life easier.

Thank you,

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