Excel crashes when I frequently call this function


I m using the Sub as shown in the code section but I call it frequently it application crashes
Is windows API the reason?
I have added the 'Microsoft scripting runtime' library as well

Can one please tell me if the below function could crash the applicaiton
Other it may be the other part of the coee that is cauing it.
If yes, can one please provide me with an alternative.
But I cant use the 'ChDrive' , 'Chdir' either
As I not going to a directory but a global path insted.
Such as \\servername\test\folder..

Please let me know if oyu need further understanding of the issue.

Public Sub selectFileSource(path As Range, file As Range)

On Error GoTo error_handler

'other way of declaring string pointer strCurrDir = String(255, 0)
    'Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show (Range("rngHubPath"))
    GetCurrentDirectory 260, strCurrDir
    SetCurrentDirectory path
    strFileName = Application.GetOpenFilename
    SetCurrentDirectory Trim(strCurrDir)
    file = strFileName
    'Controller path, file
Exit Sub

MsgBox "An error has occured in the selectFileSource() method " & Err.Description, vbCritical, strMsgBoxTitle
Resume normal_exit
   ' MsgBox strFileName
End Sub

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well to answer you we need to look at following subs or functions


SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
Public Declare Function GetCurrentDirectory Lib "kernel32.dll" Alias "GetCurrentDirectoryA" ( _
     ByVal nBufferLength As Long, _
     ByVal lpBuffer As String) As Long
Public Declare Function SetCurrentDirectory Lib "kernel32.dll" Alias "SetCurrentDirectoryA" ( _
     ByVal lpPathName As String) As Long

Please let me know if you require more information.

try replacing
SetCurrentDirectory path
by either this
SetCurrentDirectory path.value
or either this
SetCurrentDirectory path.text

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If you use Application.FileDialog instead of Application.GetOpenFilename, you can set the initial directory via the InitialFileName property.
When state that you call this function "frequently", how often is that?

You might need to instantiate a reusable object at a higher level and pass it into this routine as a parameter.  In one of my commercial applications, I did this to speed up the encryption/decryption routine.  The class that does the heavy lifting takes a while to initialize and I saved my code the overhead of multiple initializations by passing a class variable to the routine.
James ElliottManaging DirectorCommented:

gowflow:try replacing
SetCurrentDirectory path
by either this
SetCurrentDirectory path.value
or either this
SetCurrentDirectory path.text

Or changing the parameter types would work...

Public Sub selectFileSource(path As String, file As String)

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Call like this...

selectFileSource([A1].text, [A2].text)

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SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone for help.
I used the same function.
But have increasd the size of strCurrDir and secondly clear the buffer after every run. And it seems to work fine. :)

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good for you
SameerMirzaAuthor Commented:
thanks to all experts for their input.
But as I have accepted my own solution because it worked
Hope thats ok
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