I'm looking for a popunder window in coldfusion which opens when the page is loaded.

Any ideas?

all my solutions are being blocked by IE and FF popup blockers.
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_agx_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It certainly does.  Popups create a new browser window. Blockers are designed to prevent that. Like or dislike has nothing to do with how browser's are designed to operate. Now if what you meant was a <div> and not a "popup" that's a different story ...

Good luck!
Frankly, there are reasons browsers have popup blockers and you should perhaps reevaluate how you are interacting with the client...

that being said

Coldfusion can't help you. All CF does for its things like cfwindow is take an existing javascript library (ext, yui etc) and create a wrapper using a tag. If you look at view source you will see it's all just JS. And being JS, you won't have any better luck with popup blockers using CF.

I second the suggestion for reevaluation.  A lot of users find onLoad popups very annoying (myself included). However, cfwindow isn't technically a popup. Internally it's just a <div> tag, not a separate browser window.  So iirc, it shouldn't be blocked.
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duh yes agx of course you're correct cfwindow wouldn't be blocked (although I don't think you could do a cfwindow to go -under- anything)

I guess I was simply too enraged by the thought of a popup to think clearly - that and it was before 8 and pre coffee :)

however, it still applies that cf can't help with a pop up or pop under..

cfwindow can reveal a pseudo popup (which as agx points out, is simple manipulation of div css)

   > although I don't think you could do a cfwindow to go -under- anything
I'm not sure, but you're probably right.

    > however, it still applies that cf can't help with a pop up or pop under..
Yep. Like you said, a popup is popup no matter what javascript wrapper you use to create it. So it will still be blocked. No way around it.
munsterrugbyAuthor Commented:

get off your bandwagons.

this is for an internal site. we want the popups to show certain values to our reps.
when you assume, it just makes an ass out of you and me.

Anyone else?
SidFishesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hey that's a great way to win friends and influence people - calling 2 of top 4 people who answer questions (for free mind you) here asses. woot.

  Let's point out that -you- didn't mention it's for an internal site. That's a potentially a completely different set of circumstances that for a public site. However, as agx & I both mentioned, you need to look at a different approach - potentially using cfwindow. Or go around to every workstation and allow the popup from the internal site. Or train staff to do so.

Fact is your question was answered. You can't get around popup blockers using CF. Period.

"who answer -coldfusion related- questions"
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