Linking Excel workbooks using named ranges to create a pivot table

Is it possible to link data from 1 workbook to be housed on a shared drive using a named range for 2 columns (Name and Project) to a 2nd workbook that will be housed in a database?

I hope to use a named range so that any updates to the 1st workbook will automatically be reflected on the 2nd worksheet when the user opens the 2nd workbook.

My ultimate goal is to use the linked data in the 2nd workbook along with other like data (Name and Project) in the 2nd workbook to create a pivot table displaying all Projects for each Name.

Many thanks, in advance, for your guidance.
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vincem1099Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This can be done using an ODBC DSN.

After creating your spreadsheet on the shared drive
In Excel 2007 select the Data Tab->From Other Sources->From Data Connection Wizard->ODBC DSN->Excel Files
Browse to your shared drive spreadsheet and select it
Select your named range and finish the wizard

The information should appear in your spreadsheet
radiantjoyAuthor Commented:
vincem1099 - you are brilliant, a genuis, and indeed, a MASTER. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me!
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