Can't restore mailbox in Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5 for SBS 2008

   I could restore mailbox with Granular Restore when the information store was on the C drive. I moved the information store locataion from C to D drive two months ago. Now when I try to restore a mailbox, It says "Unable to locate backup copy of a storage group. Make sure that the volume which contains D:\Exchange Data\First Storage Group\mailbox database.edb was selected for bakcup."
    I used to have two separate backup jobs for C and D drives.  Any suggestions to resolve the problem? How can I make the Granular Restore read the information store which is backup on D drive? Thank you.
Patrick2727IT AdminAsked:
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Patrick2727IT AdminAuthor Commented:
Try unistalling and reinstallation GRO but it does not solve the problem.

Find out that I need to include both C and D drives in a single backup job since the information store was moved to from C to D drive.
I remember having a similar problem.
Uninstalling the GRO component only for BESR 8.5 and then installing the GRO 8.0 component alongside the BESR 8.5 made things work. Also described on
Try that. GRO 8.0 seems available on .

For me, after the restore worked with GRO 8, I then uninstalled it and then installed 8.5 GRO again and that started working as well. As if the install of 8.0 enabled something that the original 8.5 GRO install had not activated - maybe some registry key or something like that.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
that's correct, it connect to the database using MAPI (Outlook) and need both system drive and data drive to get granular data out.
Patrick2727IT AdminAuthor Commented:
I got the answer from the Symantec discussion forums
Patrick2727IT AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.
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