Movie tape to DVD

I am a movie fan and love the old taped stuff.

I can now get old tapes for like 2$ and would like to convert the tape do a DVD that I can play in a normal dvd player.

this would best be done without a computer, kids and all :)

Suggestions ?

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You can buy a DVD recorder that has a built in VHS player.  That would probably be one of the easiest way.  There is also software that allows you to record the signal and then burn the video to a DVD.  VHS2DVD Wizard is a software package that you could use.  You might also want to consider how much you are willing to pay.  The software will probably start around $60 while a DVD Recorder with VCR will probably cost around $160.
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At the risk of being accused of being a Christmas Scrooge, most of these tapes will still be covered by copyright AND copy protected using Macrovision.

Also browse for excellent tutorials.

Apologies for short post as I must go out.
>>  this would best be done without a computer, kids and all :)   <<  i understand, but it will take lots of DVD's then
you could store hundreds on a modern disk - say 2 TB

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