VS 2008 - MSI Deployment for Windows Application

VS 2008 - C#.Net , MSI Deployment

I have done a MSI Package for Windows Application. My package helps to deploy the Windows Application which has large number of reports.

I used to get changes, modifications and also new reports to be included. So, i have to create new package. At present, I uninstall the older version application on every computer and re-install with newer version Package.

This is pretty obsolete method of installation. I am looking for experts to guide me to manage my deployment , installing newer version of dll's etc !!!
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Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
chokkaStudentAuthor Commented:
@ukerandi, That link guides you how to create a package. I am able to develop the package. Here i am trying to find out steps on deploying newer versions or installing new dll's on existing dll / package installed.

For instance, I want to develop PATCH File Installation. like Windows new updates ..!!

chokkaStudentAuthor Commented:
I will update !!
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