Adding Sales Tax to an Invoice in Peacthree Accounting

I'm running Peachtree Complete Accounting 2011.  I've setup the Sales Tax Agencies and Sales Taxes.  I'm now invoicing a customer for a product that is subject to sales tax.  How do I get the sales tax to show on the invoice?  It looks like I should be able to select the sales tax as an "Item" or that Peachtree should automatically know that the item being sold is subject to sales tax and add that as a separate line item on the invoice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Check the items your selling and make sure they are marked taxable and at the proper tax rate. Then create a new invoice, add one of those items and see if it shows up taxable. The app should handle it from there.
DarinOBrienAuthor Commented:
The items were setup in inventory as "Item Tax Type: 1" which = "Regular" which = Taxable.

The problem was that Peachtree wasn't automatically adding taxes to the invoice as I expected.  HOWEVER,  I just found that there's a field to the right of the sales tax field with a dropdown menu that allows you to select the tax type (in my case it's "StateAndLocal").  I just missed that dropdown menu before since it's not obvious.

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