XP to Windows 7 upgrade to Drive D: Moving System files from Drive C: to Drive D:

Ihave a laptop running XP SP3 on a older tired 150Gb Drive.
I wanted to upgrade the OS to Win 7, but onto a newer 320Gb drive.
The MS Upgrade version is Win 7 Home Premium from XP.

In order for this MS Win7 upgrade software to work, the laptop needs to boot from the XP drive.
I was prompt to either upgrade (keeping my old files) or (Do a complete Disk OS upgrade).  I chose the second option and selected to do this on my newer D: Drive.

Everything upgraded fine.

However, I noted that upon bootup, I was prompted to boot wither in XP or Win7.
Either choices, the laptop still needed to boot from the older C: Drive.
Through Disk Manager, I noted that the System files was on the C: Drive.  Thus explaining why it was booting from it.

My Question:
Is there a Utility or instruction steps that would allow me to transfer the C: Drive System files onto the D: Drive, so that I can boot in Win 7 without needing the older C:Drive?

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the boot files are on C: drive.
you can always disconnect or format the drive and let windows build the boot files from scratch (boot from CD, choose "repair my computer" and run the startup scan\startup fix.
okeedookAuthor Commented:
My apology, I was upgrading from Vista to Win 7.

However, the Win 7 upgrade CD cannot be booted from.
If I was to disconnect or remove the older Vista C: Drive from the laptop,
it will not be able to boot from the newer upgraded drive.

Unless I was to source another (Bootable - Full version of Win 7 Home Premium) CD, I'm not sure how I could possibly proceed with those steps?

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Actually, you COULD have installed Windows 7 directly to the new 320GB drive without involving the old drive ... but since you didn't we need to restructure the boot partition.

HOWEVER ... please clarify exactly how you installed Windows 7.     Since this is a laptop, I presume it can only hold one drive at a time.    How EXACTLY did you do the install involving two different drives?

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okeedookAuthor Commented:

I had two drive installed inside the laptop prior to the upgrade.
The second drive was inserted into a drive bay which it, is inserted into the laptop DVD internal drive slot.  An external USB DVD drive was also attached to the laptop for running the upgrade Win 7 OS.  

The laptop booted up from the original Vista Drive, and the I executed the Win 7 Setup file from the Win 7 upgrade CD.

I was then prompted to choose between upgrading the Vista to Windows 7 or install Windows 7 on a new partition which I later discovered that it will be a dual boot from the original boot drive.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If you want to simply do a clean reinstall, do NOT run the upgrade from within Windows.    With ONLY the new 320GB disk installed, boot to the Windows 7 Upgrade DVD (it IS bootable);  then simply install Windows.    You'll want to delete all current partitions when you get to the screen where you select where to install it -- then just do a clean install.

To do a clean install from upgrade media, you need to do one of the steps outlined here:
... I've never seen a case where Method #2 didn't work.
okeedookAuthor Commented:
I am attempting every possible options to upgrade the new 320Gb  drive to Win7 without needing the older Vista Drive.  

I have three legit Win7 upgrade CDs (Home Edition & Pro versions).
And none were able to boot from the built-in DVD drive.  
I tried a second built-in DVD drive, and had the same results.
However, I was able to load Win7 from when booting from the older Vista Drive and loading Win7 from the built-in DVD.  

To add a twist into this:
I connected a USB External DVD drive, and was able to boot from this one.
However, in loading Win7, it is prompting me for a CD/DVD driver.
No drivers came with either CD/DVD drive, and according to the manufacture site, none appear to be available.

So there's definately something within the laptop internal DVD that is not compatible for Win7 to boot from.

Laptop = Lenovo Model R61  8932CTO
320Gb Drive

With you current configuation (Dual boot where C is Vista/System, D is Windows 7), you can move the boot partition to D with the use of EasyBCD. There's a guide here:


You should create a system repair disc first though, in case you run into any issues with booting:

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Are you sure the built-in DVD drive is set correctly in the boot order -- or that you are using a boot menu to select them?    Windows 7 upgrade DVDs are absolutely bootable -- you should see a brief "Press any key to boot from DVD" message if you've selected the DVD drive as the first bootable device ... and as long as you quickly press a key (just hit the spacebar) it should boot to the Windows installer.

... check the BIOS to confirm you haven't disabled the built-in optical drive somehow (perhaps while you were using that bay for a hard drive)
okeedookAuthor Commented:
Within the BIOS settings, The internal DVD drive was configured as the first (top of list) to boot from.  However, using either internal DVD drive, I did not get the "Press any key to boot from CD
or DVD".  Insteat I got a stop Error:

"Cannot boot from CD"
"Status: 0xc000000c"
"An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data"

I then retried booting from the USB external drive, but this time with the Win7 Home Premium 32Bit CD instead of the 64Bit.

All loaded perfectly.  Can anyone can figure this puzzle?
Meanwhile, I'll go through all the updates including all hardware for Win 7 - 32Bit and perhaps make an image of the drive once I'm completed.  Perhaps I'll retry loading the 64Bit version to see if the hardware firmware may make a difference.

Thanks everyone for your help & tips.


okeedookAuthor Commented:
This was and still is a rather puzzle to decypher.

As the upgarde CDs are Vista upgrade versions to Win7, I initialy assumed that I had to boot from the older Vista Drive in order to upgrade to Win7, as it would not boot from the internal DVD drives.

I later was able to boot from a USB external drive, but was running into issues when loading the 64Bit version and prompted me for a CD/DVD driver.  As there was no DVD driver to be found, I cancel the upgrade and reverted to upgrade to Win7 - 32 Bit instead.  

althought this upgrade was suceessfull, I stiill would prefer to upgrade to 64Bit and have use of all +4GB of RAM..
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