CDOSYS send works on some PCs, not on others...huh?

Happy holidays, Experts!
I am experiencing a problem with an ASP application that allows Managers to submit a preformatted email message to multiple recipients.  The app uses CDOSYS to send mail to the recipients.  This works fine so far in tests conducted by two Managers - but for a third Manager, no emails ever get sent.  

QUESTION:  What would cause this?  (I haven't had an opportunity to go to the Manager's PC and change the IE settings so an error message is issued - but according to the Manager, no messages are issued).  I thought that by using CDOSYS to send the emails I was eliminating any dependency on the PC for the email function.  Is this incorrect?
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Om PrakashCommented:
It does not depend on the client PC. since the ASP code is executed in the server, mails should to go all users. May be something else is causing this. some condition is failing or code error.

You can go the users PC and see the actual error. see the links for implementation & common errors:

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OGSanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply, om_prakash_p.  I'll go and visit the user tomorrow and report back here with additional info on the error message being generated.
OGSanAuthor Commented:
Hi, om_prakash_p -
I was able to uncheck the "Disable debugging..." options on the specific PC and then ran the application and watched for error messages - there weren't any...!  Also, the emails were sent out...!  so it raised the question of the useability of the application rather than a technical problem.  So - thanks for the help...but there wasn't a problem!
Jeff (aka OGSan)
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