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Hi Experts,

I am after some opinions on the most successful way to set up your shared folders on your server (SBS 2003). I have been running into some problems when you have folders within folders that require different permissions to they others. They biggest problem I have is with the inheriting from parent and when users of certain 'permission groups require access when the others don't. I can always get around it but I am wondering your thoughts on the best way to sort them out.

An example of the scenario I find the biggest problem is say:

The is a folder called THIS FOLDER that is 3 folders deep. THIS FOLDER needs to only be accessed by user X that is in a permission group consisting of users X Y & Z but Y & Z are not to have permissions for THIS FOLDER. The root folder is accessible by all.

I hope that made sense  
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I typically create a group for each of the various folder permissions that are needed.  If the permissions are department or role based and there are other folders involved, you will want to look at the "big picture" and design it in a way that it can be easily managed.

Group name "Folders 1 and 2 Users"
      Members "X,Y, & Z"

Group name "THIS FOLDER Users"
      Member "X"

Add descriptions to the groups detailing what the membership is giving them access to.
Add the users to the groups to give them access.

"Folder 1"
Add the Group "Folders 1 and 2 Users" to this Folder.

"Folder 2"
Allow inherited permissions from Folder 1 to propagate to this folder.

Remove inheritance from this folder but allow it to copy the existing permissions.
Remove the groups\users that should not have access.
Add the group "THIS FOLDER Users" to this folder.

You can also enable Access Based Enumeration on the share.  This will hide the folder "THIS FOLDER" from the users that don't get access so they aren't asking you why they don't have access.
ezekuelAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate, very helpful
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