which is the powerful wifi usb card used for injection compatable with Linux?

I want to use airodump,which is the powerful wifi usb card used for injection compatable with Linux?
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well it depends on what you want to do. You could view the available drivers for airo-suite and choose one of them.

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IhabAuthor Commented:
I heard that there is some usb wifi can hack a wifi wep, and I watch the youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACEv2EgDT8I
but it is not working with my internal wifi 1000 bgn
what do u suggest

thanks in advance
IhabAuthor Commented:
Warm Regards
dear ihab_h ,
please understand that i could not make a suggestion.
I can only verify that it can be done and that you dont *need* a wifi card that can inject.
Having in mind that you will test this on a network that you are responsible of, you would have to just listen for packets and wait. No need to inject packets , or to re-broadcast packets to create communication between the client and the ap.
IhabAuthor Commented:
thanks Mr Ster
tell now I have failed in practicing this youtube vedio,
neither the linksys works nor 1000 bgn
Warm Regards

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